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Error Message “imagew has stopped working.” Under Windows Vista or Windows 7/8.x/10


When you try to run Image for Windows in Windows Vista, or Windows 7/8.x/10, it does not launch properly. Instead, you receive the error message:

imagew has stopped working.

  • The Windows Data Execution Protection (DEP) feature is interfering with Image for Windows.

  • Comodo Antivirus/Firewall is being used on Windows Vista SP2.


To configure DEP:

Exclude the Image for Windows program, imagew.exe, from DEP. Please refer to the appropriate Microsoft Help Article:

First, select the option titled Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select. Then, follow the instructions provided in the section To turn off DEP for an individual program and navigate to imagew.exe (or imagew64.exe) when instructed to specify an executable file.

By default, imagew.exe is installed to the following locations:

  • 32-bit versions of Windows:
    C:\Program Files\TeraByte Unlimited\Image for Windows\V2

  • 64-bit versions of Windows:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\TeraByte Unlimited\Image for Windows\V2


Comodo Antivirus/Firewall is being used on Windows Vista SP2:

There is a problem with some versions of Comodo Antivirus/Firewall on Vista SP2. These problems seem to be specific to SP2 as it's been reported to work correctly on SP1 as well as on Windows 7.

To work around this problem, set the properties of the Image for Windows shortcut to run Image for Windows in XP Compatibility Mode.

Otherwise, if updating to the latest version/build available for the Comodo software doesn't solve the problem, try uninstalling it. If Image for Windows then runs correctly, you may want to consider switching to a different antivirus program.

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