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EditBINI: Unable to Mount File System

EditBINI may not be able to mount the file system under the following conditions:

  • The partition is corrupted, unformatted, or invalid.

To check the status of the partition you can use BootIt BM to view the properties of the partition.  Note any "Warning" messages in the Addtional Information section.

  • The BIOS doesn't allow access to the area of the hard drive needed to mount the partiton.

Update your BIOS firmware or consider using an add-in adapter which supports the full size of your hard drives.

  • There is not enough memory available to the program.

To ensure there is enough memory for EditBINI, ensure you are loading HIMEM.SYS.  If you are using a WinME version of DOS then HIMEM.SYS is not needed.  Also consider removing drivers or TSRs that are taking up conventional memory (check your DOS manual on the MEM command).


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