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Configure Image for Linux to Save Log to Boot Media

By default, the Image for Linux log file is saved to the booted RAM disk, which results in the log being lost on reboot. However, if you are using writable boot media, such as a USB flash drive, you can configure Image for Linux to automatically save the log file directly to the boot media. This can be accomplished easily by specifying a few options when creating the boot media.


  1. Run MakeDisk for the Image for Linux boot media you wish to create. Proceed through the process normally and use the options specified in the following steps.

  2. On the Select the product to build step, select the Traditional - You have control over options. (Custom) option.

  3. On the Additional ifl.ini Options (optional) step, enter the following text in the edit control (if specifying multiple options in a single edit control make sure to separate them with semicolons):

  4. On the Boot Option - Mounting step, select the Leave Boot Drive Mounted as /tbu/boot option.

  5. Finish creating the boot media.

When Image for Linux boots from the media it will leave it mounted to /tbu/boot. Image for Linux will save the log file (ifl.log if configured as shown here) in the root folder of the media.

Important: The boot media must remain connected (and mounted) or Image for Linux will be unable to save the log to it. Additionally, if the boot media drive will be used as the source or destination for backup images, use the Image for Linux File (OS) access method and browse down the /tbu/boot path. Using the File (Direct) method may cause file system corruption since the partition is mounted. If the File (Direct) method must be used, unmount the partition first.

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