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Computer Powers Down during Imaging or Copy Operation


During an imaging or copy operation the computer powers down.


This can be caused by the computer overheating, a bad power supply, or power management settings.



Depending on the operation being performed and the options selected, the CPU and disk system can be used heavily for extended periods of time. Systems with faulty or marginal cooling may overheat and turn off to protect the system. Laptop users using the GUI version of Image for Linux or Image for DOS may need to use the CUI version if the GPU in the laptop is overheating or causing the system to overheat.

Check the cooling fans are working properly and the heatsinks are clean and allowing proper air flow.

Power Supply

A borderline or faulty power supply can cause the system to lose power and turn off when put under load. In this case, the power supply would need to be replaced.

Power Management

If the power management system is not working correctly or the settings are incorrect the system may turn off unexpectedly. Verify the power management settings (or disable it) to make sure the system remains awake during the operation. Power management settings normally exist in both the BIOS and the operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux, etc.).

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