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Can I Create a Partition Image Directly to a CD/DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW Drive?

Yes, starting with version 1.24 (version 1.30 for DVD+RW, version 1.43 for DVD+R/-R/-RW).

The drive must be an MMC-compliant ATAPI drive that is connected to the standard (IO port for the) primary or secondary controller (channels). Users upgrading from a previous version of BootIt NG must enable PATA CD Support under settings for the CD option to show in the Work With Partitions dialog.

Note that ISO9660 is still used on the DVD+RW media and the entire disc is allocated to the image even if the data is only taking up a small part of the disc. Therefore, if your backups are small, you may want to continue to use standard CD-R/RW media (which will work in the DVD+RW drive).

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