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BootIt BM Sees Only 8 GB (or Less than the Total Size) of a Hard Drive

The problem is most likely that the system BIOS doesn't support hard drives larger than 8GB (or however big the drive is). To correct this issue:

  1. If your motherboard manufacturer has a BIOS update, install it. The update may have added support for the large hard drive.

  2. If there is no BIOS update available from your motherboard manufacturer then you can check with to see if an update is available that will work for you.

  3. Install an ATA-66/100/etc. or SATA controller (depending on your drives) and move your drives to it. The controller should have a BIOS which will support larger hard drives. If it doesn't support a very large hard drive, there may be firmware updates available at the manufacturer's website. 

  4. The BIOS may need to have the drive controller in LBA mode for the full drive size to be seen. If LBA mode doesn't work and a Normal mode is available, try that.

  5. If you just need to use the drive with Partition Work, try using the BIOS (direct) access method. Note that while this may allow you to work with the partitions the drive won't be available for booting since booting is limited to what the BIOS supports.

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