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Restore with IFW

Posted: Fri May 26, 2023 7:47 pm
by bmessin1
Currently using the following versions of software:
Bootit 1.40/1.88
Drive Image 3.60
I have 5 bootable WIN10 partitions and 1 hidden partition being used for backups.

All 5 bootable partitions are hidden from each other. Everything works well with no issues using the Restore automatic mode. (Restore backup Partitionx to same Partitionx)

If I perform a restore using Normal mode. In this scenario, I am usually restoring from 1 partition to a different partition. The Restore goes ok, the partition is active and boots up, but now I can see this partition within the other partitions, it is not maintaining the hide function across all the partitions.

I know I can fix all this by going to bootit/ edit boot menu items and resetting flags.

The issue is that I need to be able to perform the restore remotely, from the backup partition, and have all flags set properly when restore is complete.

In this case I will not have access to biu functions.

Am I just missing something during restore process? I tried with and without update boot.ini and update boot partition. Even tried restore first track. None of those options worked for me.

Is there any way of Restoring the Hide function during the normal restore?