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Differences between PHYLock defaults in manual and actual IFW defaults

Posted: Sun May 07, 2023 7:17 pm
by pimjoosten
The IFW manual mentions in Table 2 "PHYLock Parameters" that the default for PHYLockReleaseLock is that IFW uses PHYLock only if IFW cannot obtain a normal lock, which corresponds with PHYLockReleaseLock=0. But if I look at ifw.ini (I have set PHYLockUseReg=0 in ifw.ini) if I toggle the Use and Release Lock option on the PHYLock tab of IFW settings, only PHYLockReleaseLock=0 is included if I disable that option. There is no PHYLockReleaseLock line if the option is enabled. Therefore, looking at ifw.ini it seems that PHYLockReleaseLock=1 is the default option. Is this an error in the manual?

The same is the case for PHYLockVolFlush where the manual states that PHYLockVolFlush=0 is the default, but looking at ifw.ini it seems that PHYLockVolFlush=1 is the default, because PHYLockVolFlush is only included in ifw.ini if PHYLockVolFlush=0.

I have seen similar differences between the defaults mentioned in the manual and the defaults in ifw.ini for PHYLock DiskCacheSize (default in manual: 600, ifw.ini default: 1024) and PHYLockMaxWaitTime (default in manual: 0, ifw.ini default: 10).