IFW multipass vs singlepass backup time ?.

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IFW multipass vs singlepass backup time ?.

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last night i made a differential backup using IFW of my pc hardrive. i had the single pass parameter set, and i did not have the parameter set for backing up unused sectors. i looked at the time it took for both and it was the same amount even though the base was 18 times larger than the differential part. i suppose the equal times was due to validation on both? https://krogerfeedback.nl https://talktosonic.onl https://talktowendys.vip https://whataburgersurvey.onl

in general what is the benefit of using single pass or multipass options with a differential backup?

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Re: IFW multipass vs singlepass backup time ?.

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the passes matter on some systems depending on the drive itself and how it handles its internal caches and other things. For speeding up the changes only, create the base with the option to "Faster Changes Only Backup". That will create a hash file to use instead of traversing the entire full to find differences. You only need to create it for any base you will use, so if you will create an incremental chain, you need to create one each time, and can delete the prior one since you probably won't use it again (option to delete prior hash files is there too).
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