Script Copy error

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Script Copy error

Post by Jameshah »

This part of my script:
if ext("OPEN FS 5: "#tdxx#" 0x"#tpxx)=0 then
ext("COPY \ifd.log 5:ifd1.log /y ")
ext("CLOSE FS 5:")
end if
generates the following error :
"Copying \IFD.LOG...Error: Unable to create file 5:ifd1.log"

5: is a NTFS drive. Do I have a permission problem? If so, how do I set/correct the write permission?

(this error running under (Windows32) tbosdtw.exe. Seems to work fine under (DOS) tbosdt.exe to the same NTFS drive)
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Re: Script Copy error

Post by Eric »

Did you change before the "locking" option? It should not be changed, or set to 1 or 2.
Also, is the ifd.log file in the root of the current drive? You wrote \ifd.log in the copy command, and maybe the file \ifd.log does not exist?
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