BootIt with Bestcrypt?

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BootIt with Bestcrypt?

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I'm attempting to use BootIt on a PC with Jetico BestCrypt. Each time the OS boots, BestcCrypt refreshes the MBR with its custom password input.

Once I enter the password, it goes directly to BootIt without issue, but the problem is I then get the "Reactivate BootIt Bare Metal" message every time I reboot. This is a headless server, so this makes rebooting problematic.

When I answer "Yes" everything works perfectly, but I have to click every time.

Is there any way or option I can use to automate BootIt Reactivation so I don't have to click each time?

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Re: BootIt with Bestcrypt?

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on thing to try, use the mbr capture feature of BootIt, if you use the boot disk when it's not active you can capture that mbr, from there you can use that on the boot item so it would boot to BootIt, load bestcrypt mbr, ask for the password, boot. The question is if bestcript is looking at the mbr after that to activate itself or the mbr used to boot. If the later, you'd be good to go, otherwise, does it have an option to turn that off? I recall something about the activate option when booting and not active, I'd have to dig in to see if there is an option to turn it off ....
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