Enhanced Compression Information

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Enhanced Compression Information

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The Enhanced Compression size/speed section could use some updating with better information on the software or in the help file explaining the differences in both size and speed. A - F is not a very informative as to what differentiates one from another - is A highest compression and F lowest compression? 7-Zip Starts with compression level 0 being Store and 9 being Ultra. Does each level use a different compression method? Dictionary/Word/Block size? This would greatly help in choosing which method I use. A future feature could be the ability to select custom compression settings. This is my first time using your software - currently using it to make images of flash drives. I would love for this to be my all-in-one go-to knowing it has potential to replace PowerISO and Acronis True Image as my current disk image solutions!
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Re: Enhanced Compression Information

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There are essentially two classes of compression, the Standard and Enhanced Speed being one and the Enhanced Size the other. Within Enhanced Size the ABC and DEF are grouped in to two different implementations. For each group the lower letter compresses less.
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