IFW (VSS) failing due to hidden Win system partition (GPT)

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IFW (VSS) failing due to hidden Win system partition (GPT)

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I started another thread in BootIt Collection due to my surprising woes at migrating myself to BIU (long time BIBM user). That's another story but I did come upon an issue in IFW 3.44. Working with Terabyte Support we nutted it out and it should be fixed in IFW 3.45.

My layout is: two Windows systems partitions on the same GPT disk (HP UEFI). I want to be able to boot into either and have the other hidden.

I found that when doing a whole-of-HD backup in IFW within Windows, and using VSS, I got the following failure pretty immediately as it was starting with the EFI partition. Using Phylock or running IFW from WinRE media did not trigger the error.

As I said, will hopefully be fixed in the next version. Trigger factors are VSS / GPT / multiple Windows partitions (at least 1 hidden).

Partial log from my IFW failures:

[06/10/2021 02:28:40 PM] Backup: Drive 1 EFI system partition Partition (01) 100 MiB EFI System (FAT-32)
[06/10/2021 02:28:40 PM] To: S:\TEST-w1-2021-06-10-1428.TBI
[06/10/2021 02:28:40 PM] A hard drive error occurred while reading 128 sectors from LBA 2048.
[06/10/2021 02:28:40 PM] Do not abort if you want to ignore these errors.
[06/10/2021 02:28:40 PM] Do you want to abort the operation?
[06/10/2021 02:29:54 PM] INFO: Total Sectors:204800 Total Allocated:133958
[06/10/2021 02:29:54 PM] Deleting incomplete or failed backup.
[06/10/2021 02:29:54 PM] Deleting S:\TEST-w1-2021-06-10-1428.TBI
[06/10/2021 02:29:54 PM] Time Elapsed: 0:00:01:18
[06/10/2021 02:29:54 PM] Operation Completed with Error Code 98
[06/10/2021 02:29:54 PM] Unable to read from device
[06/10/2021 02:30:28 PM] Stop
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