Corruption using W8 and W10 with Fast Startup

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Corruption using W8 and W10 with Fast Startup

Postby TeraByte Support » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:39 am

The Fast Startup (hibernate on shutdown) feature causes disk corruption because Windows does not cleanly unmount and remount the file systems when using hibernation. The corruption occurs when partitions visible to Win8/10 are modified after shutdown/hibernate (doesn't affect reboot).

Unfortunately this "feature" is enabled by default in Win8/10. We highly recommend you disable this new feature to prevent corruption to the data on your storage devices. Fast Startup can be disabled using any of the methods below:

1) Using BootIt UEFI or BootIt BM 1.10 or higher: Click the Disable Fast Startup button under the properties of the Win8/10 partition in Partition Work.

2) Using TBI Notify: Right click the icon in system tray, click Settings, click on the Disable Fast Startup button.

3) Using Windows 8/10:

a) Open Control Panel.
b) Choose Hardware and Sound -> Power Options
c) Click on "Choose what the power button does" on left.
d) Click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable".
e) Remove the check mark from the "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" under Shutdown settings.

The option may not be available if hibernation is disabled. While fast startup (at this time) is tied to hibernation and will not be used when hibernation is disabled, this could always be changed in the future. To ensure fast startup is disabled, you can temporarily enable hibernation, disable fast startup, then disable hibernation again.

Until Microsoft changes the default, or better yet, have "shutdown" shutdown, and "hibernate" hibernate, ensure you have a good current image of all your partitions before installing or using W8/W10.
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