New PC disk swap

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New PC disk swap

Post by DrTeeth »

Well, it went a lot easier than it did the last time I tried it. No
need for TBOSDT at all.

The *only* brown trousers moment was when I did not realise that I had
to disable secure boot to enable legacy booting.

You have to realise that I attract faulty equipment like a powerful
rare earth magnet.

The only down side, and I will find a way to work around it, is that
there are no drivers (that I have found so far anyway) for Win 8.1 for
several of the motherboards chips. No doubt some enterprising
individual has hacked some drivers for that OS and win 7. Win 10 was
perfect and no pesky yellow "!"s.

Brian, I'll email you over the weekend as I do not go on the PC in the
evening when I have work the next day.


*** Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may your God go with you! ***
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