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Postby mjnelson99 » Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:12 pm

I have a laptop going to laptop heaven and am considering a Chromebook.
I already replaced it with a HP AIO that is working well so far.

It looks like I CAN put different versions of Linux on them but with a
gotcha. I think it was called Developer Mode and that sounds like you
might want to add an AV to the Linux where Chrome is pretty locked and
safe. If the info was accurate, booting seems unusual.

I do have an external DVD drive I probably could use to install Linux. I
already have some Mint DVDs.

Any comments welcome. I would love to play with both on a computer that
is not critical to my life. Obviously, I will not be installing
Microsoft Money on it!

I do suspect something like Libre Office could be installed into the
Linux part?
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