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Rollback RX PC

Postby 30075 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:45 am

anyone tried it? It looks very interesting, but it uses the MBR, so I'm guessing it wouldn't work with BIBM. Is there a possibility Terabyte might add something like this (sector-based snapshots) to BIBM? Seems like a good option, since don't UEFI and things like that make boot managers obselete?

Maybe I just don't understand UEFI. I used to use System Commander in the mid-90s up thru about 2007, when I switched to BING. Now I pretty much just use VMware Workstation for stuff and then BIBM on one 'play' machine, which is the only place I'd be willing to test Rollback RX PC. Maybe I'll try a VM.
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