muli-booting with the new firmware.

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muli-booting with the new firmware.

Postby novice » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:54 am


To set up a multi-boot system with the new firmware uefi, which is mostly used now, you have 3 options;
1. Turn on legacy mode, install all OS's on MBR drives and forget about UEFI.
2. Have both legacy mode and uefi enabled. Install OS's on a mbr formatted drive and others on an efi drive.
They should be separate drives. MBR OS's you can use TB's BIBM while on the efi drive you use the firmware to boot.
3. Forget about MBR and legacy mode and go just with uefi which would cause you to put BIBM by the wayside.

With #1 you maintain the full use of all of Terabytes software which i can say from my experience is some of the best.
But, and a big but in my opinion, BIOS's are no longer made. What you have now is UEFI with a few bios remnants built in called CSM (legacy mode).
How long will they keep that mode integrated in the new firmware???
Also, this set up is like running a "Cadillac with a Volkswagen motor"

Option #2 is workable but not ideal for sure. I've messed about with that for the last couple of years and find it cumbersome.
Perhaps and hopefully the experts will find a way to improve this booting process and make it more consistent across all platforms.

Option #3 This is now the most efficient way to boot an OS (at least most of them). However when it comes to more then one OS you have to use the firmware for booting.
There are some multi-boot managers out there but i have found them above my skill levels. It would certainly be nice to have a boot manager like BIBM to manage multi-booting
under the UEFI.

Anyway, this is my opinion for better or worse.
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