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strange characters

Postby AlanD » Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:01 pm

would some please explain to me the strange characters I see in a great
many of the posts. For example see below:

Due to the recent post by Jeffrey Lee
I have been looking into SSD partition alignment recommendations. I'm

Various recommendations I have seen are

1. 4KiB alignment
2. You should only need to make sure that the start and end sectors of
partitions are multiples of the size of your erase block. The Erase Block
Size is largely vendor specific. (my SSD is Intel 320 120GB - not found the
erase block size)
3. General consensus is to start your first partition at 1,048,576
bytes, as
it is evenly divisible by 512, 4096, 131,072, and 524,288 bytes, covering
all sector, filesystem block, and erase block size possibilities.
4. (Linux) -remember that fdisk in Linux uses “heads” and
“tracks” to define
cylinders. If the cylinder boundary is not aligned with the “page”

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