CopyWipe on machine with Malware

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CopyWipe on machine with Malware

Postby zaboo9 » Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:12 am

I was informed by my security team that a certain user computer running Windows has a polymorphic Malware, and it needs to be re-imaged. Nomally when re-imaging, I just re-image from a USB stick. But in cases of Malware, I like to take the extra (and most of the time unnecessary) step of running CopyWipe V1.14. I like to run CopyWipe first to ensure I don't miss hitting F12 to boot of the USB image, since allowing that to happen and have Windows start loading to the 'Login Screen' can leave the imaging USB succeptible to the malware/virus on the infected mchine.

The steps I take with CopyWipe V1.14 are:
1. Boot from Ultimate Boot CD
2. Select "CopyWipe 1.14
4. Select the only option "Hard Drive 0". Select 'Quick - 1 Pass"
5. Hit 'Yes' on all the questions on whether to proceed, and then the wipe begins.
6. I let it run to 1% before cancelling the rest of the wipe so I don't have to wait for it to get to 100%.

When I follow these 6 steps, the Hard Drive can no longer be booted to.

My question:
Is running CopyWipe V1.14 to 1% as explained in the above steps enough to corrupt the partition so that it is impossible for the Malware/Virus to get to the USB?
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