tbscript problems: newline, mount

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Re: tbscript problems: newline, mount

Postby schmibble » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:38 pm

Thanks very much for your help, Eric.

> In the scripts Terabyte is providing
> . . . . . .
> in osdtool.tbs

Before the first post I took a look at the scripts Terabyte ships with BIBM. osdtool isn't among them, but I doubt it would make much of a difference. The code is very sparsely commented and it branches out like a spiderweb--doubtless I'm more obtuse than most BIBM users, but I'm only able to make sense of about a quarter of their code.

Nonetheless, due to your much clearer explanations, I've now constructed a working method to achieve the goal for which this thread was started. Much gratitude. Now on to the next problem (which has no relationship whatsoever to the difficulties I was having here, so starting different thread).
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