Bridged Network Adapter Limit 20m.

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Bridged Network Adapter Limit 20m.

Post by Malkova »

Hello everyone. Limited product experience, so newbie question.
I have VirtualBox 6.1.16 running on a Windows 10 host with a Windows Server 2003 guest.
The guest is setup with Bridged Networking to the host gigabit ethernet adapter.
Though I don't recall setting up any limits, it appears bandwidth is limited to 20 Mb. How do remove the limit on the bandwidth?

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Re: Bridged Network Adapter Limit 20m.

Post by fritzsara5225 »

I decided there was no restriction coming from a data transfer capacity control. The cutoff was coming from the arrangement of the VM itself, and was my blunder. I set the machine up as a solitary CPU. At the point when the throughput maxed it was the CPU maximizing, nothing to do with the spanned organizing arrangement. What's more, that maximum was really around 25 MB/sec, or almost 200 Mbit.

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