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Image for Linux exclude Free Space

Postby mccarthyjd » Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:37 am

I'm using Image for Linux and the destination has 700GB of free space. Typically our .tbi files are between 30 and 40GB. When I perform a Image For Linux to a .tbi file it claims there is not enough space on the destination once the process starts and gets to about 60 percent. It appears that it's trying to copy the entire drive including free space. Is there a way to perform a image for Linux to a .tbi file on the second disk and not include the free space on the source disk? I am not doing a "simple" copy. In the past this has not been an issue so I'm not sure what is the deal

I'm selecting the source MBR and the entire partition on the source, which is about 1TB and the destination has about 700GB of free space.

On our successful copies on other disk, it's like in needs enough free space to handle the entire source but when you reboot the .tbi file is only has big as the actual data on the disk.

How can I perform a image to Linux to a .tbi file and not include free space on the source?

A million thanks in advance.
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Re: Image for Linux exclude Free Space

Postby Bob Coleman » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:12 pm

What is the file system of the partition to be backed up?

Could the Backup Unused Sectors option have been activated somehow?
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