Makedisk boot from USB - UEFI or Legacy?

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Makedisk boot from USB - UEFI or Legacy?

Postby timg11 » Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:08 pm

On my main machine, when I insert a USB drive that I've run Makedisk to build IFL onto, the boot menu offers the choice "UEFI USB Boot Device" which boots IFL.

I'm experimenting with getting PXE boot running using an older computer. I think it is pre-UEFI.
When I power it on, and go to the boot device selection list, it offers me choices like "USB FDD", "USB CDROM", "USB HDD".
None of them boot to the USB drive that was created by Makedisk.

I know Makedisk has worked for many years, prior to UEFI. How do I go back to a pre-UEFI boot style for a USB flash drive?
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