Question for Terabyte Support on restoring SSDs

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Question for Terabyte Support on restoring SSDs

Postby Skyglider » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:43 pm

Could you tell me how Image For Dos does its restores? I backup my system drive (Plextor 64GB SSD) to a spinner using Image For Windows. I will use IFD to restore the backup to a SSD:

1. Does IFD do an erase before write of the SSD block regardless, or does it check whether an erase is necessary before writing?

2. Does IFD erase the un-restored areas of the SSD to all 1's or leave them as is?

I ask because I want to decide whether to erase the entire SSD to all 1's using HDDErase before doing an IFD restore.

Thanks for any info,
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