How to use ProtectIt?

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Re: How to use ProtectIt?

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Hi Viktor,

Yes, the folder name matters. If you search for "ProtectIt" in the User Manual, you'll find this on p. 21 of the current version (giving information about various installation options):

ProtectIt: Installs a driver to protect the contents of the TeraByte_TBI_Backups
folders from being modified by other Windows applications. Protection only
applies to running Windows installations and not other Windows installations
without the driver installed.

I take this to mean that it only works for folders named "TeraByte_TBI_Backups".

I don't know if it works if you change an existing folder's name to TeraByte_TBI_Backups. I created a new folder, and as I described, I moved old backups into the new folder, and they were protected.

You can check if protection works by trying to move a file out of the TeraByte_TBI_Backups folder. First I get a message that says I must be an administrator. I click on something, I think Continue, and the next message refers to Administrators (plural). I then click on whatever it is, can't remember, perhaps Try Again or Continue, and I keep getting the same message. In other words, I am unable to move the file out of the TeraByte_TBI_Backups, which tells me protection is working.

I have no idea about file systems. I've just started using it myself. This is about all I know about it.
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