Windows RestorePoints not shown anymore after IFW diskimage

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Re: Windows RestorePoints not shown anymore after IFW diskim

Postby TeraByte Support » Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:12 am

It appears to be winre/pe doing it, it's the same bug (later versions of
winre/pe, earlier versions don't have the issue) of altering a locked volume
that resulted in the "delete restore destination" option. Enabling that
should prevent any issue (it's not unique to 3.16, but seems to happen more

"Byterate" wrote in message news:14693@public.image...

Brian K wrote:
> Byterate wrote:
> > So it's a 3.16 issue
> Byterate,
> I just ran this test. Win10 IFW 3.16. System Restore was turned ON and 3
> Restore
> Points were created.
> An Entire Drive image was created in TBWinPE. The image was then restored
> and Win10
> loaded. The 3 Restore Points were present.

Brian, Try a partition image backup and restore instead of entire disk

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