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Use TBWinPE or TBWinRE ?

Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:42 am

Hi - is there anywhere a comparison of the pros & cons of running TBWin in a PE or RE environment :?:

Re: Use TBWinPE or TBWinRE ?

Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:23 pm

TBWinRE is usually easier to create since it uses the installed WinRE (no need to download and install the AIK/ADK). The WinRE base generally has more functionality built-in than the WinPE base and is updated with major Windows updates. In most cases, I would recommend using TBWinRE.

TBWinPE can be useful when you need to create a build that uses a different base than the current Windows or need to control which packages are used. For example, you want to build using the Windows 10 ADK on a Windows 7 system. You can also create 32-bit (x86) boot media, which usually isn't an option with TBWinRE since the installed version of Windows determines the architecture (most current Windows installations are 64-bit). For TBWinPE builds the AIK/ADK files need to be available (a large download).

As far as using the TeraByte programs, either build type functions the same.
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