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Do older versions of IFL work with win10?

Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:04 pm

I purchased IFL in 2012 (or possibly 2014), and need to verify it supports win10. I have noticed changes.
I boot from a flash drive, and save the image files to a USB drive.
Backups seem to work fine - at least I get an image file on the USB drive.
When I restore, I must connect the USB drive before starting the computer or I cannot see the files and folders I have saved on that drive. I see a list containing what appears to be some of the system files on the boot flash drive. When I used IFL with winXP, I always connected the drive after IFL started.
I wanted to restore the image to a "normal" hard drive connected to the computer using an iDsonix docking station, but the "Restore to" screen where I can select the destination drive does not appear. I must use hd0
IFL sees the drive if I attempt to use it to save an image file.
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