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IFW 3.06a Samsung 850 EVO success backup and restore

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:01 pm
by BettyL
I bought a new Samsung 850 EVO to be my Windows 10 Pro C drive.
I am posting today to help others.
I resolved my issue and was able to backup and restore, and boot successfully from the Samsung 850 EVO SSD with IFW 3.06a.

I used Samsung Data Migration to migrate to the SSD from my system runing on the HDD.
I then imaged with IFW 3.06a and restored with IFW 3.06a TBWinRE.
The restore always froze after a small number of MB and the expected time to completion climbed up.

I read all posts available on the forum and internet and saw some folks with the same issue.

1) Backup with disable TRIM.
2) Backup with Align on 1 MiB boundary.
3) Restore with Align on 1 Mib boundary

Validate byte by byte worked on the backup despite the warning of the Samsung SSD does not support DRAT.
Disable TRIM during backup prevented this issue. Disable TRIM is mentioned in the IFW documentation as being good for SSDs.
Use of Disable TRIM should be encouraged in the KB articles and posts about migrating to a SSD, backing up restoring to a SSD.

On a 500 GB SSD, restore took ~5 min with IFL 3.06a boot disk and ~ 15 min with IFW 3.06a.
I have been a long time happy user of TB Unlimited IFW and am happy to be able to use it with the Samsung 850 SSD.

Re: IFW 3.06a Samsung 850 EVO success backup and restore

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:28 pm
by TeraByte Support
The EVO versions don't seem to support DRAT, the Pro versions seem to. Also
using Pro under RAID gets rid of all the verify / fix errors.

Pause with time going up tends to mean problem writing to the drive.

Re: IFW 3.06a Samsung 850 EVO success backup and restore

PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:56 pm
by BettyL
Regarding the pause during the restore - the drive is good per Samsung Magician 5.1. I have backuped, restored, and booted from the ssd several times.
I think the cause was having Trim on during the backup and caused issue at restore. Disable during trim seems to have fixed the issue.

Lessons learned:
1) After restoring from backup with trim disabled - on booting into the restore - turn trim back on. This is easy to do with Samsung magician v5.1
2) on the system where you are taking the backup, Terabyte Unlimited documentation says trim is enabled after the backup.
Update: I have confirmed that Trim is enabled on the system after the online backup -that was taken with Disable Trim Option
3) Be sure to restore the SSD or HDD as HD 0 on your MB, so you can boot from the drive. This is so IFW IFL will create the proper boot info on the restore.
4) For my MB, I had to move the SSD connection to the first Sata connection on the MB to make the SSD HD 0 for successful boot after restore.
My MB allows changing HDD boot order which works, but was counter productive for restoring and being able to boot successfully.