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SSD Byte-for-Byte Validation and DRAT

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:46 pm
by Radish
I did my first ever image of a SSD boot partition and got the following message when going through the steps to start imaging:

"Warning: Validate Byte-for-Byte may fail because the source SSD drive does not support DRAT."

So, what is DRAT?

I did keep the option to validate byte-for-byte and then launched the creation of the image file. At the end of that creation IFW did say it was validating and, eventually, that the validation completed successfully. However, I'm think what exactly did it do? In light of the warning did it do a byte-for-byte validation, and found that to be success? Or did it just do a "standard" validation (i.e. not byte-for-byte) and then reported that as a success?

What does IFW actually do in this situation?