Create a TBWinRE CD

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Create a TBWinRE CD

Postby Bill » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:17 am

The tutorial for creating a TBWinRE CD has these instructions:

Step 2: Running TBWinPE/RE Builder
The TBWinPE/RE Builder program will run and display the Welcome screen.
Select the desired build type to create.
Create a TBWinRE CD, USB Flash Drive (UFD) or ISO file: Select this to create a bootable CD, UFD, or ISO file containing TBWinRE. The installed WinRE will not be modified.
When the build has completed, if creating a TBWinRE CD, USB flash drive (UFD), or ISO file, click Finish to launch TeraByte's MakeDisk utility to create the desired TBWinRE boot media.

At this point, because of the words "create the desired TBWinRE boot media," I inserted a new CD to create a boot media. After it was built, however, I wondered if I was supposed to leave the first CD in, the TBWinRE CD, to make it bootable.

What is the correct procedure?
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Re: Create a TBWinRE CD

Postby TeraByte Support(PP) » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:07 am

The MakeDisk utility creates the actual boot media. In the case of a CD it will burn the CD, creating a TBWinRE CD (it will be bootable). You don't have to have a CD inserted while creating the TBWinRE build.

The normal procedure would be to run TBWinPE/RE Builder and select to create the boot media. When it finishes it will run MakeDisk. Then insert the CD to burn, select to create the CD/DVD media (select your CD/DVD drive), and click Finish to burn it.

The TBWinRE build itself can be used to create multiple types of boot media. For example, you could create the build and run MakeDisk to create a TBWinRE CD and then run MakeDisk again to create a TBWinRE UFD (no need to recreate the build since nothing has changed).
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