Purge Option Issue in IFW

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Purge Option Issue in IFW

Postby AlanD » Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:10 am

I have used "Purge" option for a very long time, but today I have
created a very fast batch file as a test (Backing up BING partition). I
have inserted the /purge:-2 option in the command line, as I always do,
to limit the number of saved backups.

With this test batch file the "purge" option has no limiting effect.

Is it because I ran all backups on same day?

If not that, can you explain?

Log from the sixth backup is below:

[2016-07-15 12:50:53 PM] C:\PROGRA~1\TERABY~1\IMAGEF~1\V2\imagew.exe /b
/d:w0@0x52 /f:D:\BING_TEST\$~YYYY$-$~MM$-$~DD$-$~HHMM$ /logl:10 /comp:14
/v /purge:-2 /uy
[2016-07-15 12:50:53 PM] Image for Windows 2.99-00
[2016-07-15 12:50:53 PM] Starting ...
imagew.exe /b /uy /d:w0@0x52
/f:"D:\BING_TEST\$~YYYY$-$~MM$-$~DD$-$~HHMM$" /v /purge:-2
/logfile:"C:\Program Files\TeraByte Unlimited\Image for
Windows\V2\IFW.log" /logl:10 /cdbins:1 /uftnb:0 /uftns:0 /vssluv:0 /vssiuv:0
[2016-07-15 12:50:54 PM] PHYLock is waiting for drive writing to stop ...
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] PHYLock Started
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] PHYLock Using RAM
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] PHYLock version 12
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] Backup: Drive 0 BING Partition (52) 8 MiB
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] To: D:\BING_TEST\2016-07-15-1250.TBI
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] INFO: Total Sectors:16065 Total Allocated:1693
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] INFO: 1693 Sector(s) backed up
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] Validating: BING Partition (52) 8 MiB BootIt EMBRM
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] From: D:\BING_TEST\2016-07-15-1250.TBI
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] Operation Completed with Error Code 0
[2016-07-15 12:50:58 PM] Stop

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Re: Purge Option Issue in IFW

Postby TeraByte Support(PP) » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:26 pm

Yes, it's because they're the same day. Depending on how/where you're testing you could change the date between backups to simulate a normal schedule.
Paul Purviance
TeraByte Support
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