Updated W7 to W10, IFW now much slower

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Re: Updated W7 to W10, IFW now much slower

Postby ronk » Thu May 19, 2016 9:22 am

Actually the driver snippet is from before I posted about slowness of IFW, so likely nothing missing for usb 3.0 then? Or should I be updating from Lenovo for W10, since likely now have MS drivers.

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Re: Updated W7 to W10, IFW now much slower

Postby Kempy » Fri May 20, 2016 10:10 pm

> "ronk" wrote in message news:11540@public.image...
> Thank you, interesting point. So, on a Thinkpad T530, would I try Lenovo
> (Renesas) for USB 3.0 driver, I wonder?
> I will likely continue to use IFL for now. Using SSD, and boot IFL from a
> USB stick, so fairly quick to restart and setup.
> Ron
> IFW,IFL 2.98, W10 Pro

If you have a IFL-iso file save it to your SSD/HDD and you can boot it from the Windows-Start-Manager by adding it with EasyBCD (add iso, from memory) to the Windows BCD store. That works fine.
Disabling the Metro-Boot option in EasyBCD will gave back the old text-based start menu with easy access to the Windows F8 startup-options and faster booting when in multiboot mode.

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