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Re: Why msg "No BCD store"?

Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:00 pm

It's part of BIBM. The "device" and "osdevice" entries are what matters,
not all the other stuff. See

"sigi" wrote in message news:2125@public.bootitng...

I entered BIBM Maintenance Mode from CD and hit upon an editable text file
named BCDED.TXT (photo attached). This is certainly not the BCD I have been
looking for? What is it?


BCDED_TXT in BIBM (small).jpg


I found the one I was looking for in Partition Work after selecting my Win7
boot partition and pressing the BCDedit button (cf. the second attached


BCDEdit in BIBM (small).jpg


There are listed so many devices that I feel tempted to delete all but one.
But I guess I had better leave my hands off because there might exist
dependencies under the other radio buttons which would require corresponding

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