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BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:38 am

I am starting a new thread since the old has gotten so long.

I can't get Bootit to run, even though it appears to be installed. I even installed the new version, hoping it would correct the problem. It did not.

Here is what I have checked when I boot with the disk, which is the only way I can get to any of the Bootit information or modules.

Limit Partitions
Fix Swap
Full Partition List
Use HD0 in Fat BPB
Make HD0 active
Pata support
USB2 support
USB hang fix
Validate geometry for ...
Align MBR foor Bios auto mode
Win7 MBR

Would any of these have an effect on Bootit running? I don't know why some are selected, as they seemed to have been the default. (I may have selected fix swap when I installed Win7 on HD1.) But in any case, none of the selections were changed when bootit stopped running. It stopped running after I tried to fix a boot problem in Win7 with the repair option on the windows disk. It didn't work and I then restored my most recent IFW image of the Win7 partition, which did work, but since then, no way to regain BING.

I looked at the files in the EMBR and it appears that the new BM files were written, so it was installed and there are file dates from today. It just refuses to boot into the bootmanager.

Has this happened before? Is there a solution?

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:22 pm

JoRene, is this correct? Win8 is on HD0 and Win7 is on HD1. Win7 boots by default.

Can you try this. Unplug the power and data cables from HD1. Does BIBM now boot?

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:27 pm

You are right...win8 is on HD0 and win7 on HD1. However, it was that way before the problem and I had no trouble with BING. I don't know how easy it would be to umplg the cables (getting access being the biggest problem), but I could try. Even if that worked, how would it solve the problem? I can't operate with that setup. All I really want to do is reclaim the partitions...and get bootit working for the future.

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:33 pm

If BIBM boots you can then work out why BIBM doesn't boot with two HDs attached. Certainly worth trying because it seems HD1 is the first boot device at present.

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:24 pm

Could the Swap fix option be causing a problem? It didn't before but something must be preventing it from loading. What if I tried to put BING on HD1 as well as HD0? Is that possible? Or can it only be applied to HD0?

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:12 pm

Brian, I tried what you suggested and unplugged HD1. The computer gave me the message that there was no bootable device. Nothing booted, not BING or Windows 8. However, the drive is working (when I am logged in to Win7) and I have run diagnostics on it and it has no problems. I access two of its three partitions in Win7 as Data partitions and both work fine. The third partition was working fine while I was testing Windows 8 until I had the boot problem.

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:33 pm

OK. Keep HD1 unplugged but plug the data cable from HD1 into HD0 so now you will be using the HD1 cable on HD0. Does it boot now? If not try installing BIBM to the HD.

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:51 pm

What are we testing by plugging HD1 cable into HD0?

How can I install BIBM to the HD if it won't boot? Or do you mean go back to the original configuration and try to install BIBM to HD1? I did try to install BING to HD1 (already installed on HD0) and it would not give me the SETUP option when I manually went to the 2nd harddrive. I could not install to HD1.

I checked the 2 partitions that I can't access in Partition Work and both are showing as having errors. (Tried to begin resizing them to see if errors were reported. BING would not resize because they had error #62. Said to check with FDIsk but I don't know how to access them to do that...both are hidden from Win7. Perhaps if I used some dos boot disk I might be able to do that but it has been years since I've tried doing anything from DOS. At this point would there be any harm to deleting both partitions I was using with Win8 and then incorporating them into adjoining partitions that are booting? That would solve one problem, but I don't know if it would enable the ability to use BING. But it would be better than nothing.

I really appreciate your trying to help with this! I was hoping Terabyte would give me some more advice on what to do, since at this point their program is useless to me and I can find no other posts with this problem.

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:59 pm

Currently HD0 doesn't boot. Is it the cable, HD or OS? We know the HD1 cable and SATA port are OK so use that cable to connect to HD0. If the OS doesn't boot then boot from a BIBM CD and install BIBM. If BIBM doesn't boot it suggests you have a faulty HD.

Re: BootITNG and BootitBM Won't run

Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:47 pm

Check the BIOS for any option that deals with protecting the drive - Anti-virus, MBR Protection, Boot Sector Protection, etc. There may be something enabled that's blocking the drive being properly updated. Sometimes BIOS settings will get changed or become corrupted.

When you make drive changes you need to enter the BIOS and make sure the correct drive is set as the booting drive. Are the drives showing up correctly in the boot order? The BIOS may have a single boot order listing or it may have separate lists for hard drives, CD/DVD drives, etc.

What type of drives are they (IDE, SATA, etc.)?

Some boards have ports that are bootable and not bootable. Are both drives connected to bootable ports?

If it's not a problem to delete the Windows 8 partitions I would go ahead and do that (leave the other partitions as they are) and see if makes a difference.

You might also try converting HD0 to an MBR type drive and then back to EMBR and see if it helps.

What type of drive is HD1 (MBR or EMBR)? This is the drive type, not whether or not it has the BootIt EMBRM partition on it.
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