BootIt Bare Metal Direct Boot Button ?

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BootIt Bare Metal Direct Boot Button ?

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:mrgreen: The Direct Boot Button (DB) continues to appear on the Normal Boot Menu of BootIt Bare Metal (BBM)

I would like to hide the Direct Boot Button from the Normal Boot Menu.

Control of the DB function is accessed from the Settings panel under Users.
The option is given to include/exclude the DB function when making selections before saving a user profile from the Users sub-menu.

However After reviewing and following the information to remove the DB button as displayed on pages 59 & 60 of the bootitbm_en_manual.pdf BootIt Bare Metal still displays the Direct Boot Button ?

I am using BBM version 1.46 is this a bug for this version ?

If so is there a solution for this issue ?
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Re: BootIt Bare Metal Direct Boot Button ?

Post by Brian K »

I'm using BIBM 1.51 which is the latest version. The "Display DB Button" choice does work correctly.