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Avoid creating 100mb partitiion wiith Windows 7 dual install

Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:59 pm


Sorry this is on one of my old desktops where I still have BING and Windows 7.

The current Windows 7 is installed on the 1st (the only partition on HD0, other than the EMBR) partition on HD0.

I want to install a 2nd Windows 7 in the 1st partition of HD3.

I created the new partition for the new Windows on HD3, and I hid or cleared every other partition on every other drive.

I set a new boot item with only the new Windows partition.

Then I boot to that partition and it does ask for a CD then I ctrl-alt-del (the Win7 DVD is in the DVD drive).

After it reboots and asks to press a key, I do that, and it does the Windows installation.

Then I can boot to the new Win7.

Then I re-install BING and I get a message that there is an overlapping partition on HD0... when I look it has a 100mb partition that appears to have been created overlapping the original Win7 on HD0 1st partition :(!!!

I tried the same thing, but with the new Windows partition on HD3 already formatted NTFS, but it still did the same thing, or at least, during the install, it gave the popup saying it might create additional partitions.

I thought that that popup means that it will create the 100mb partition and I also thought that if the new partition was pre-formatted, that the installer would not create the 100mb partition?



Re: Avoid creating 100mb partitiion wiith Windows 7 dual ins

Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:30 am

In those types of situations, it's usually best to get the other drives out of the way so the Windows installer never sees them at all (it sees hidden partitions). The destination partition for the new Windows install should be formatted and set active.

It sounds like you're not setting HD3 as the booting drive and/or the new partition is not getting set active. Set the drive as the boot drive in the BIOS before installing to it. Or, even better, disconnect (or disable) all the other drives so only HD3 can be seen and then install. Once finished you can reconnect/enable the other drives. You shouldn't see any message from the Windows installer that it will (or may) create additional partitions. If it does, those end up on what it sees as the booting drive. If you see that message something isn't correct for what you want.


Re: Avoid creating 100mb partitiion wiith Windows 7 dual ins

Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:44 pm


I was finally able to "almost" get the install done, even without physically unhooking drives :).

What I did was, rather than hide or clear all the partitions, including on the other drives (I have like 5 or 6 physical drives), I made sure that all space on all drives and partitions were visible in the BING boot menu and the partition for the Win7 installation created in BING (but not formatted). Then in the boot menu item, I had one-time swap checked, and then I was able to install the Win7 to the partition on HD3. I think that by making all the space/partitions on all drives "filled", the Win7 installer didn't have any place to put the 100mb partition.

I had to re-enable BING afterwards, but I ended up with:

(a) the original Win7 worked, but when it booted to that Win7, I had two Windows 7 in the boot menu. One was for the new Win7 and the other was for the original Win7.

(b) the new Win7 menu item could not boot the new Win7 (no boot)

So I then followed your KB article and copied the C:\boot dir and the c:\bootmgr from the original Win7 partition to the C: partition of the new Win7, and fixed up the BCD using the BING BCDEdit and then, BINGO, it worked and I can now use BING to boot into either the original Win7 or the new Win7.

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