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A drive with no partition appeared on new SSD

Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:55 am


I just got a new 500GB WD SSD, and I put it into a USB enclosure and then in BING, I created a new NTFS partition (no format since BING couldn't format NTFS). But after I rebooted the machine, the partition was gone, so I created a new partition.

Now, when I look in Partition Work, it looks like there are two drives. One drive has no partitions in it and when I select that drive in Partition Work, all the BING buttons on the right side are grayed out.

Also, when I boot into Windows after that, I think one of the drives I originally had is missing. If I check in Windows Disc Management, I cannot see the empty drive or the missing drive (again, and yet BING seems to know the drive is there, but with no partitions).

Does anyone know what is going on?


Re: A drive with no partition appeared on new SSD

Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:43 am

Ok, this is strange, and will be hard to explain, but:

- So I decided to try to figure out which drive might've been causing the "phantom" drive.
- On that machine, besides the regular internal drives, I had two external eSata drives, so I removed those first, one by one.
- After I removed the first eSata drive, the phantom drive was still there
- But, after I removed the second eSata drive, the phantom drive was gone.
- So then I put the two eSata drives, and, here's the really weird part, the partitions that had gone missing from the other drive re-appeared!!

I have no idea why this all happened, but am glad that they came back :)!

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