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Beware Windows fast startup reappearing

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:05 am
by rustleg
Today I had a problem with Windows 10 re-enabling fast startup.

It could have been due to a problem with updates. I had to hit the power button when it took many minutes with the circling dots showing "preparing to configure Windows - do not shut down your PC". I could have waited for ever. On trying to reboot into Linux my Windows D drive (NTFS shared with my Linux systems) would not mount in either Mint or Debian. When I went into BIBM partition management it said my Windows 10 system partition had fast startup enabled. I had disabled this when I installed Win 10 and it had remained disabled up to now. I used BIBM to turn it off.

I went into Mint and it still refused to mount my D drive partition on bootup. When I tried to mount it manually with "mount -a" it said metadata was preventing it mounting and I needed to turn off fast startup in Windows (credit to the Linux devs for being proactive). I rebooted into Windows 10 and it said it was not enabled. Windows did allow me to use drive D so I hoped it had cleared whatever it was trying to do with the metadata. I rebooted into Mint and all was well. (Phew! - not wanting to restore all my data).

Just a gentle warning if it happens to you.

Re: Beware Windows fast startup reappearing

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:54 am
by TeraByte Support(PP)
It can certainly cause problems if you're expecting it to be off and it gets turned on without your knowledge. From what I've seen, expect every major Windows 10 update/upgrade to enable it. Also, some of the regular/minor updates may enable it. TBI Notify can warn you if you have it installed and the option enabled (the default).