Trying to boot from flash drive on new computer

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Re: Trying to boot from flash drive on new computer

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Sometimes I have had mouse problems using the GUI version of IFL.
I pretty much stick with the cui.

On 4/2/2016 8:11 PM, TeraByte Support wrote:
> the default video modes are different, but you should upgrade to BIBM, plus
> you can use partwork from the IFL GUI boot disk if ever needed.
> "JoRene41" wrote in message news:11365@public.bootitng...
> I downloaded BootitBM and I was able to boot it without a problem. I tried
> making a new disk of bootit NG and still no luck. It appears to load with
> the last message being something about FRAM and then it goes to a black
> screen. Since IFD and Booitbm both boot and load with no changes to the
> video mode, I somehow think there is another problem, but I don't know what
> it is. I guess the answer is to buy BIBM, but I use it so little and bootit
> ng has all I really need. I'm no longer dual booting different OS's, so
> don't need to have it installed on the hard drive.
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Re: Trying to boot from flash drive on new computer

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On my "new" (refurbed) Dell M7510 laptop, I had to change several settings to disable UEFI, etc. I have screenshots of my BIOS, etc. here:!AjmS0OAwpbKCsWN3da5f9v1al_LJ

I think I had to make these changes in the Dell BIOS:

- Disable Secure boot
- Enable legacy boot rom
- Enable ATTEMPT legacy boot
- Set drives to AHCI

The earlier thread I had when I was setting it up is this one: