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Possibe Enhancements

Postby rich071 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:26 pm

I recently added a 3TB GPT drive. Will there be an option to remove a GPT drive from the Boot Menu - Edit Menu Item, like you can with a MBR drive?

I still have a need to use Windows XP x32 and as a workaround, I disable the GPT drive in the bios to avoid any corruption while working in the x32 OS. Kind of cumbersome but works as needed.

Also, I noticed, when installing a new Windows 7 SP1 x64, the included drivers are apparently not fully supporting the GPT drive, as the MFT section gets corrupted. As a workaround, disable the drive in the bios, update the latest Intel AHCI drivers that fully support GPT drives and then re-enable in the bios. This works well.

One last item, is it possible to write protect a drive or partition, preferably a partition from the Boot Menu - Edit Menu Item or from the Work with Partitions, prior to loading an OS? There are times, I need to attach a drive or partition, without making any changes to the drive. The recycle bin is usually disabled on all drives.

Thanks for any considerations, on the above,
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