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Re: BIBM and new Laptop (UEFI?)?

Postby ohaya » Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:23 am


I'm a bit confused. What is "legacy mode" in BIBM? Wouldn't that be MBR? And, if so, i.e., if working with an MBR'ed disk, then wouldn't BING work ok?

Also, are you saying that BIBM would be able to work with a machine that has UEFI and secure boot enabled?

Also, FYI, on this laptop, I disabled UEFI (enabled "CMS" mode) and disabled secure boot. I can't boot BING from a USB stick or floppy, but can from a CD/DVD, and then BING worked ok, I could delete the strange partition, and do normal Partition Work stuff. I now have both Win7 and Win8 dual booting on the laptop. The WIn8 was not the pre-installed or recovery-installed Win8, but a Win8 I installed from a "regular" Win8 installation DVD.


TeraByte Support wrote:
> BING doesn't support GPT, BIBM does - you'd want to boot BIBM in legacy
> mode.
> "ohaya" wrote in message news:4103@public.bootitbm...
> Hi,
> I just got a new laptop, a Toshiba C855-S5803, that has Windows 8 installed
> on it, and a UEFI BIOS, so I guess that I'm getting a rude introduction to
> the 'new' world of UEFI BIOSes
> ![:(]({SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif)
> ....
> The BIOS came with UEFI and Secure Boot enabled, with the Win8
> pre-installed. I was originally thinking that I could do things like I use
> to with BING, i.e., repartition, etc., but I guess not now. I tried
> setting
> the BIOS to "CSM" which diables UEFI, and was actually able to boot to a
> BING CD, but BING saw only 1 ~2TB partition with an error (the laptop
> actually has only a 500GB drive).
> So, I think that I may need to think about moving to BIBM for this laptop,
> plus I am building a new PC, with a new mobo, an Asus P9X79 LE, which I
> think also has a UEFI BIOS, but have some questions:
> 1) Assuming that both the laptop and the new P9X79 mobo allow disabling
> secure boot and UEFI, then, would both the laptop and new PC work the same
> way as before, and I could just use BING with both of them, just like
> before? Or, do I have to move to BIBM to work with the laptop and the
> P9X79?
> 2) From what I can tell, most, maybe all of the BIOSes that support UEFI
> allow you to disable secure boot and UEFI, so I was wondering, is there
> something that would force me to use those in UEFI/secure boot mode, rather
> than non-UEFI mode?
> 3) Assuming that I *did* want to keep the laptop/PC BIOSes in UEFI mode, if
> I used BIBM instead of BING, could I do everything that I use to do with
> BING but with BIBM? I think that one thing that going to UEFI would give
> me
> is support for 3TB drives, but I don't have (or need) any 3TB drives (my
> largest drives are 2TB, which work fine with BING).
> Sorry for all the questions!!
> Thanks,
> Jim
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