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Re: BIBM Very Flaky - Settings or Hardware?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:06 pm
by Graviton
Hello again;
Quite accidentally I found that wiping the drives with BIBM Wipe Complete Drive using the BIBM CD and then repartitioning the drives made a huge difference to the operation of BIBM. I can now see all the alternative screen resolutions (previously it was limited to just the VGA settings) and mouse movement is possible without freezing.

I've also tried other seemingly irrelevant things. One thing which helped was clearing the BIOS memory by removing and replacing the Motherboard battery. I can now drag the BIBM Boot Menu or just the mouse pointer rapidly around the screen for longer than would ever be needed in practice and they usually do not freeze. Only very occasionally and so far not with normal use.

I'm very puzzled as to why wiping the drives or BIOS memory would have this effect and would welcome possible explanations, because I fear that things might revert to the unworkable state I had before if I accidentally do something else which brings back the problems.

For all your advice a big thank you, because some of you have had similar problems. I may otherwise have spent quite a lot of money on another motherboard and CPU without really needing to.

Kind regards; Richard.