Copy MBR ?

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Copy MBR ?

Postby miesfeld » Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:13 pm

I thought BootIt Bare Metal had option to make a backup copy of the MBR. When I reboot and go to maintenance, I can't find that option anywhere.

When I boot up the BootIt install disk, every option is grayed out, except the Upgrade BootIt Bare Metal. I see an option Capture MBR, but it is grayed out.

Is there a way to make a backup copy of the MBR and then restore it? Or do I not understand that?

The reason I'm asking is I recently went to install Fedora Core 17 on a volume in an extended partion. /dev/sda7 was to be the installation partition. The installer did not need to touch the MBR, everything was already partitioned through BootIt Bare Metal, and I told the installer to boot grub on /dev/sda7.

For whatever stupid reason, the Fedora installer did write to MBR and when the BootIt Bare Menu boot menu came up it notified me that the partion table was incorrect.

So, a.) I thought geez why hadn't I made a copy of the MBR, and b.) I thought I could fix things.

I'm not sure things are fixed, but I'm going to put that in another post. This one is just for the copy MBR question.

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Re: Copy MBR ?

Postby Brian K » Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:12 pm


You can Backup/Restore the MBR (First Track) via Scripting. See page 11 in tbosdt.pdf. (Copy Sectors)
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