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Re: Restoring Issues, Destination Not Large Enough

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:32 am
by TeraByte Support
It's designed to create and restore an exact "image" of the partitions or
drive, not just the files, hence a drive image backup product.

Once you compact, it will stay fairly compact, but you can use the
information button (f1 details in the non-GUI products) to determine the
restore size requirements.

"jimburns" wrote in message news:2603@public.bootitbm...

Yes.. I've read

But, given what I've learnt so far, intellect must consider this a software
design bug. To wit, let's assume there is a reason to do a deep sector by
sector image of a hard drive and to PURPOSELY maintain, shall we call it,
the drives native fragmentation. That is, all freespace from the first data
bit to the last are considered part of the image. LET'S ASSUME, there is a
reason to do this.

The question then becomes, should the default operation of the software do
this, or should it instead, always compact the REAL data only such that
users can always restore their images to any drive or partition large enough
to hold the restored data. The questions is, what percentage of users think
of their 500Gb windows drive or partition as encompassing 256G because of
the way IFD looks at it by default, compared to those that look at it as
encompassing 37GB because that's the size of the REAL data, regardless of
how it's spread across the disk.

I could be wrong, I'm still just getting up to speed on BIBM and IFD... and
I've not even tried IFW yet. I'm coming over from years of using Ghost
2001, and 2003 which always came down on this question the intelligent way.
But, if I'm reading this correctly, and I have to remember to "compact" my
images so I don't have 256G images but 37G images, then this is a software
design bug as their is NO intelligent reason for the default action of the
software to be as it is. The default action should be as Ghost, to always
compact, and for the, I'd bet almost negligible, percentage of users who
would see value in retaining an image of 256G, this should be a switchable

I'm disappointed.