BIBM Installation on a 4 Primary Partition System

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BIBM Installation on a 4 Primary Partition System

Postby aussieboykie » Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:24 am

I have a new laptop configured as follows:

  1. W7 100MB System Partition
  2. Operating System (C:) partition.
  3. Data partition, defined as extended, configured as a single logical partition.
  4. Manufacturer's recovery partition.
I want to install BIBM in its own dedicated partition. What's the best way? I'm thinking I need to..

Shrink one of the existing primaries to leave room for BIBM.
Boot from BIBM CD.
Check the box to Change all MBR to EMBR.
Select support for more than 4 partitions.
Let BIBM decide where to install.
Install to a dedicated partition.

My plan is to shrink the Data partition to make room for BIBM (am I right in thinking that 8MB free space is all I need?) but I'm happy to consider other suggestions if there are good reasons to do so.

Regards, AB
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Re: BIBM Installation on a 4 Primary Partition System

Postby TeraByte Support(TP) » Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:07 am

That procedure will work, except if the Data partition is a volume inside an extended partition, the resize will be a 2 step procedure:
1. Resize the Data partition down by 8 MB
2. Resize the extended partition itself down by 8 MB (highlight extended partition, select Resize, set Free Space Inside at the End to 0)

That's because the BIBM partition has to be a primary partiton. If you just shrink the Data partition, that will leave the 8 MB of free space inside the extended partition. Shrinking the extended partition itself will move the free space outside of it, so that BIBM setup can create the BIBM primary.
Tom Pfeifer
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