Help to Modify Boot Menu options remotely

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Help to Modify Boot Menu options remotely

Post by mnorris »

I am struggling to figure out a way to remotely modify the BootIt UEFI menu to be able to "hide" other boot partitions.
Locally on a laptop booted inside \EFI\BOOTIT\Default.BUM I am able to type out and see the differences in DISKSIGS and GUIDOPTIONS which is where I believe the changes need to be made.

Is there a way to remotely modify this file, seems like once I am booted into a Windows10Pro partition I can no longer access back to the root of the physical drive?

Laptop info: these laptops are configured with multiple loads of Win10Pro and work great until I forgot to hide the other non-used partitions of Windows and now they are deployed in the field. Running BootIt UEFI 1.21 and DriveImage suite 3.36
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Re: Help to Modify Boot Menu options remotely

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You can use tbosdt windows version and the "set ini" command or "set textline" or just edit it with the "tbexplo.tbs" script if interactive. To mount use the "mount" command and to list partitions use the "list hd" command (precede any of the commands with help to see command line options).

Also it may not want to mount without an aggressive lock and if that fails remove bcd hive loaded in the registry (regedit click on the BCD00000000 key, file / unload hive).
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