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Problem of Makedisk

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2021 9:57 am
by oosman
Hi everyone,
Makedisk.exe included with V1.60 BootitBM is not working on a mapped NAS drive. On a Windows 10 Pro machine there is no activity after a few "spins" of the wheel. This problem has been reported to us by another client to whom we recommended your product.
A temporary fix would appear to be to copy and earlier version of makedisk to the same folder and use that to make the stick. The offending makedisk.exe is dated 17/10/2019 and is reported as 538Kb by Windows 10
In both cases this happens when running makedisk.exe from a mapped network drive on a NAS device. If the working folder is copied to a local hard disk, makedisk.exe runs with no problem.
Having used BootIT in its various guises for years this is the first time that makedisk.exe has failed to run directly from a mapped drive.

Re: Problem of Makedisk

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 5:29 am
by TeraByte Support
The one included with BootIt Collection 1.22 is March 4, 2021

I copied it to a mapped drive and started fine.

Check if the process is running or something stopped it before launched. Maybe antivirus?