BIBM vs. Crucial SSD Momentum Cache!!

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BIBM vs. Crucial SSD Momentum Cache!!

Postby clinthulk2 » Thu Apr 30, 2020 5:16 am

Has anyone had any experience with how BIBM or later BootIt products
work with some Micron Crucial SSD software? In particular I have
questions about the Momentum Cache software, which is supposed to
significantly speed up the SSD. From the product description it sounds
like some sort of "hibernation" might be involved. Since Fast Startup
(requires hibernation) is a strict no-no for BIBM, I did not try using
Momentum Cache. Actually I'm very happy with my SSD speed without
Momentum Cache and am currently running with many bootable partitions
under BIBM (a fairly old version). I'm just curious if I am reading
things right.

Although I don't use Hibernate, I have read elsewhere that it is OK to travel router
use Hibernate with BIBM as long as you be sure never to boot another
partition before the first one has fully shutdown, i.e., the first one
is not just in a hibernate state. (If used, BootNow enforces this).
Maybe this also applies to Momentum Cache. Jeff
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Re: BIBM vs. Crucial SSD Momentum Cache!!

Postby TeraByte Support » Fri May 01, 2020 11:06 am

Their description says it's simply a write cache that flushes at some point later (before reboot or normal shutdown). Windows already has some write caching, this appears to be another level of it. Hibernation could be a problem if they don't force flush at hibernation. Normal shutdown or reboot should be safe based on their description.
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